Handcrafted Bath Bombs & Bath Sprinkles

Honeydew Bath Sprinkles

Honeydew Bath Sprinkles

ON SALE NOW! The fresh, light scent of our Honeydew Bath Sprinkles will make you crave this succulent melon while you are energized, yet relaxed.

Bath Sprinkles are our Bath Bombs in a jar! If you love Bath Bombs but want to control just the right amount of product for personal preference and tub size, you will love our Bath Sprinkles. Just like Serendipity Doo’s Bath Bombs, we use only the finest quality ingredients, featuring 100% Pure Oils which leave your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Simply sprinkle as much or little of our product in your full bath and watch it fizzle. The fragrance oils and/or essential oils will take you to your relaxing place.  Enjoy!

$ 10.50